2017: Another year of recycled resolutions

By 31 January 2017Life, Sport

Only 8% of people accomplish their new years resolutions.

Does that include you?

Or are you a part of the ambitious 92% that declare a resolution, but by the time Valentines day rolls around you have forgotten what it was. 

A resolution is a good way to evaluate where you are at a point in your life and to help you re-focus on your goals.

…But why torture ourselves with a motivational goal designed to make us a better version of ourselves, when we can’t even see it through past the first quarter. Instead of benefitting from this life assessment we end up disappointed and annoyed at ourselves for failing.

What’s missing?

Our planning tactics.

The Millennials (us unfortunately), generally suck at planning.

Noticing I couldn’t follow through with my yearly promise to my self, I decided to make myself accountable for my actions or lack there of.

Body goals is a standard and recycled new years resolution. I’m sure most people have made a similar goal in their life and like most, every year I promised myself I would strive to achieve it.

However, it takes more than a promise and only 8% of you have figured it out.

I wanted to be apart of that 8%, so I set a defined goal.

On the 13th of May I’ll be competing in the ladies bikini division, body building might I add.

It’s taken me 5 years to realize I was the 92% (‘the dreamers’), instead of that 8% (‘the do-ers’). After encouraging my self to believe that success in this competition will produce confidence and a sense of accomplishment of a long awaited goal.

I’m counting 16 weeks from now.

By giving ourselves a deadline and ‘due date’ to reach our goals, we very well may have achieved it before we thought we would (or before we must confess our next resolution to the world).

Don’t put yourself on auto repeat when it comes to new-years goal setting, make a plan and don’t be scared to fail.

Just pick your self up and start again. 

You can follow my fitness diary here leading up to the comp. and please feel free to ask me any goal/planning/fitness related questions!

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