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By 20 March 2017Life

Sometimes we say yes to invitations without really knowing why…………sometimes things are just meant to be.

Last night I went to an event that for me was very much about “what’s in it for me?” A networking event that I had little information about, but thought might be worthwhile as an opportunity for me to meet new people – remember my own business depends on it! I actually enjoyed the evening  – open, passionate people are fun to be around. But what I didn’t know then, was that the opportunity that would follow was to be better still.

Fast forward to this morning – having met a larger than life indigenous Kiwi – I was invited to a coffee morning. A small business women’s event  – small venue (others would use the word intimate), a small collective of women I did not know, who all came together with a genuine desire to share their stories in a safe, nurturing environment. I felt as if judgements were left at the door  – hallelujah! Proceedings were somewhat informal, albeit there was an MC, an agenda, an invited guest speaker, and an invitation for everyone to share something of themselves, their passion, their success, their challenges and their dreams!

And it was in that space that I felt so fortunate – if I had said no to the invitation not only would I have missed out on meeting an inspirational group of individuals, who are all embracing life and it’s challenges, but I would have missed the opportunity to hear a message that I almost believe was meant for me today.

As a mother I have felt the challenges and dare I say burden, of having a daughter in the mainstream school system that appears not to be achieving to the best of her potential. I would dare to say that most mothers hope that there cherubs will thrive at school – meet the academic requirements – do them proud. But then there is the reality that our children are individuals, and the traits you think they should or would have  – (those that you like best about yourself) sometimes they simply don’t!

But today I feel easier about the fact that one of my girls who dislikes reading, who fidgets when doing home work, who bounces around and slaps colour on paper – with seemingly little meaning! Because today I learnt that there are 8 “intelligences” and we all have them in varying degrees, and that once we know what they are, we can as both child or adult use our strengths to improve our weaknesses. As I heard and felt the information shared by a remarkable woman, I was absolutely moved to tears…….this understanding whilst not entirely new was put in such a way that I immediately felt like I can stop trying to push my young one back into the box, the one that requires her to fall in line with an out-dated model. With Naplan coming up – so likely are the less than average grades, but so what?  She is spirited, she is sprightly, she is challenging, she knows her own mind and she will find her way – with the support of her mum!

So what am I trying to say here? No, it’s not about my daughter or the school system  – it’s about you, me, being open, being willing to experience life’s messages; it’s about being willing to say yes when you’re not sure what’s in it for you. It’s about saying yes and accepting that people you don’t know can add value to you and your day. It’s about being ready to see what value you can too can add to others. The women I met today have added so much to my day – they will hardly know the impact, but I can say I am SO glad that I walked into that room this morning because I have new information that I can use immediately to tear the walls of the box down  – my daughter doesn’t have to be measured and judged by a system that is flawed. She –  like you and me can choose to do things a slightly differently!

And on that note I urge you to say yes more often…embrace those opportunities that you don’t yet recognise, you just never know where they might lead.

P.S! To learn more about the 8 intelligences and to better understand your child’s learning style and needs contact the fabulous team at: http://www.ice-au.com/

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