Heyyy big dreamer! This is me, Hannah, your typical millennial

Expensive tastes, extravagant dreams, thirst for adventure, disapproving of the ordinary, social media driven and technologically skilled. And mostly, unsatisfied job-wise.


I blame my parents? No…
Society? Probably…
My grade 5 school teacher telling me “if you do well at school you can be whoever you want?” …Maybe.

Sounds familiar?

But mostly I blame myself for being silly enough to follow the old trick of the traditional school-uni-career pattern which since forever still blindly leads us into thinking that this is how it must be. To be successful, to earn a good living, you must work most of your life in a crappy job you hate which makes you live for the weekends or 4 weeks of annual leave ( 4 out of 52?? – this a shitty deal).

Although sometimes it felt like it was the only choice. So with a uni degree under my belt this is where I felt stuck…

And I’m afraid I’ve grown a taste of an expensive lifestyle, fun, food, travel, fulfilling experiences and most definitely a more exciting career. But I don’t feel bad about that and neither should you – why not create a work-life or a life (with a little bit of work) that you ACTUALLY enjoy, that you get excited for getting up on Monday morning.

THAT’S  how it really should be.

And now I know how…

If you want to save yourself a life worth of boredom, work-life slavery, and a raft of regrets contact me now and let me help you turn your dream life into  your real life.

There is a better choice – a life of choice!