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A bit about me…I am a 24 year old professional hair stylist – I have loved this career ever since leaving school! It allows me to express my creative side and I get to help women look and feel good – there’s nothing better than a good pampering session to brighten a girl up!

Like most girls my age I have a passion for shopping and am very proud of my oversized shoe collection – consider me a bit of a sucker for footwear!

I feel blessed to live in a beautiful part of the world in the South West of Australia with my partner Jaryn, I am excited to tell you we recently got engaged and are now planning our wedding – date set for 2018..bring it on can’t wait!

I like to think we are pretty lucky …we have our own home….(well mortgage) which is think it is a pretty good effort given we are still in our early 20s, and just getting in to this independent adult thing!!

But the downside is that to manage a mortgage and save for a wedding takes sacrifice; neither one of us is a massive earner so the reality is fewer shopping sprees , less time enjoying time with family and friends and cramming in more work hours to make ends meet.

And the worst part is that I am spending less time with my fiancé as we both juggle more work hours – that old saying “ships passing in the night” is true – we are living it.

But life can be kind of funny and sometimes things come along that you don’t necessarily fully understand but you hear something exciting enough that you trust your gut and take a leap of faith! That was me very recently.

I was shown a way to build a business in and around my normal 9-5; I got excited …am still excited …because I can see a way forward that will ultimately result in more time and financial freedom and the possibility of more choice in mine and my families lives.

Nothing comes without hard work but I can see the possibilities. Already I have experienced the high of sharing this with others and seeing their own “light” being switched on!

I have come to realise that there are alternatives to the slog of the traditional work day, and not being paid what you believe you are worth! Unfortunately my profession doesn’t allow me to generate the sort of income that allows for Jimmy Choo shoes!! But I’ve found something that does!

And in all of this despite being a shy person this opportunity has got me so excited that I am putting myself out there.

I love sharing my story and helping other people out there who are looking for solutions in life – if that’s you I am here and ready to help.

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