I’m a 23 year old free-spirited, self confessed travel junkie!

I was born with itchy feet that keep me moving and always looking for the next adventure.

I feel privileged to have seen some amazing countries, met some super cool humans and experienced an array of different cultures in my short time on this planet.

Along the way I have done volunteer work – mostly teaching – this is something that really makes my heart sing – helping others that are less fortunate than me gives me a real sense of inner satisfaction – I think I have some kind of calling… 🙂
Destinations ticked off so far include Europe, Canada, USA, SE Asia, Cuba and Japan – but it doesn’t stop there – I’m already planning the next stops!

Much of my travel is done solo, and on a budget – the advantages of this is that I am forced to be comfortable with my own company but also be willing to connect with strangers – no shy bones in my body an advantage!

I’ve found that budget travel often leads me to the best hidey holes, best food experiences and gives that kinda raw experience – keeping it real!

In general this thirst for travel is funded by work in the hospitality industry – the upsides being meeting new people and a good deal of flexibility; the downside is shift work, erratic hours and sometimes exhaustion – it’s a pretty tough game….Oh and not enough pay – never enough pay! Which means my adventures always come to an end way too soon as I return to home-base to start the work/saving plan all over again.

What I’ve often dreamed of is finding that perfect job that combines good money, flexibility and travel all in one package.

So how stoked do you think I was when I was introduced to a new concept that had all these things wrapped up with a big bow…could hardly say no…another adventure!

I have literally jumped on an opportunity that can have me travelling and learning and earning as I go. All I need is my phone, a notebook and Wi-Fi connection – how cool is that!!?

I reckon you’d be mad not to take a look – it might not be travel for you, but whatever your perfect day looks like give me a shout I’d love to help you live it!

Hope to see you out there sometime soon in this big. beautiful, awesome world we live in!! :):)

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