Let me introduce myself, I am

A wife to a great guy Stewart (married for 10 years) and mother of 2 fast growing girls Olivia 11 and Ella 10 – probably my best work to date!
A nurse by profession, I have worked in the field of Intensive Care for decades; initially clinically but mostly in management and education.
My profession has allowed me to work and travel internationally, something I am extremely grateful for given that that is how I came to be living in this incredible country of Australia.
I live in a beautiful home in a suburb of Perth W.A – near river, ocean, lakes and parks, all of which allow me to indulge in outdoor activities.
I have a close community of friends that I love to hang out with – often debating life’s big questions whilst sipping champagne!
And I am passionate about healthy living – which includes nurturing mind, body and soul – mostly achieved by attention to good food, great exercise and powerful reading.

Sounds idyllic …almost?

When I look back over my life it looks like I’ve done ok – a moderate degree of success in many areas of my life; but …and there is a but, I found myself irked by a sense that there was so much more for me – something was missing. A real sense that despite the picture I was not reaching my potential — that I was not yet the best version of me.

I came to know that there is so much more that I want and need to achieve before I leave this great, and sometimes crazy world!

This led me to questioning what is my legacy – a good mum, a good nurse? Not enough!

And as if by some great good fortune someone told me there was a way to really challenge myself and to achieve a greater sense of personal and financial wellbeing. A way to breathe new life into my life… I got a tad excited!

And so that brings me here — to shout from the rooftops to all that will listen (will you?) that I have found a great platform to do the things that light me up.

I have linked arms with a growing band of incredible people that have also seen the light – that have come to know that this life does not require me or you to live a mediocre life where we are just getting through each week  – ticking the boxes of conformity.

And I  am now in a position to share that with you!

If your life is missing that piece of the jigsaw that is a bit like an itch that won’t go away then maybe I have what you need.

You are welcome to join me and others on our quest to reach new heights; to live a Life Of Choice that allows us all to grow personally, spiritually and financially.

There is a better way — a new way.

I dare you to explore more and see if what we have will lead you to a life less mediocre — to a Life Of Choice.

Contact me today and find that missing piece of the jigsaw and get started on your realising your dreams!