The Challenge

By 18 June 2017Health, Life, Sport

About 2 months ago I decided I wanted to enter a bikini competition… not because I’m crazy, vain or self-obsessed, but because I have always had a genuine interest in health and am keen to know what my is body capable of.

I want to be clear this is not about dieting in the usual sense of the word (near starvation in my experience!) but about me better understanding how to have a healthy relationship with food and use it enhance my body’s performance and structure.

I’ve tried a range of the must try diet/food plans – you may have tried a number yourself! Remember the skinny tea, low fat, low carb, detox, raw, clean.. next best thing? My experience with many of these left me hungry, tired, sometimes bloated and most of all grumpy! And of course along with these fads and phases came the risk of dehydration, poor nutrition, fake weight loss (water loss), potential muscle wastage and little impact on fat loss, in fact the risk of fat gain… more on that another time!

So given that I am not a dietician, nutritionist or health expert, in accepting the bikini body challenge I put my ego aside and decided to enlist the help of someone that has more knowledge and experience in the field…enter my now personal coach, my mentor, accountability partner, my whip cracker!!

Already she has helped me to understand my body’s needs and what it really takes to go the distance. And yes a lot of it is about what you choose to put into your body, and the amount you are willing to exercise/work-out, but so much of it is about mastering your mind – discipline – on a whole new level!!

It’s one thing to have a food plan and a workout schedule, but what I have come to know already is that any success is completely dependent on my ability to master my mind in the weak moments…the moments of wanting to eat the “wrong” thing at the wrong time, the moments when I want to roll over – turn off the alarm and ignore the calling of the gym, or ignore the scream of my muscles as I push through the next bench press.

The mind is oh so powerful…. much analysis has been done on this, and I have learnt that to state your goal is one thing but the power is in writing it down, putting it somewhere that is easily review-able and saying it out loud. They say that you should read it aloud to yourself 10 times a day – connect with it and feel it.

In doing this I can honestly say I feel stronger in my commitment to me – to my goal – the end result!

But of course that in itself is not enough – next comes the action plan.

So what I’d like to do is share my progress – I invite you to follow me, feel free to ask questions, share thoughts and comments. Along the journey I have found many insights, wins and failures, and I’d love to share some of the expert tips that my trainer is sharing with me.

I believe we can help each other get what we want – you may not take up a bikini challenge, but if in sharing my journey and my own quest I can help to motivate you to set your own goals – help you feel better in yourself, more energized and vibrant, help you beat the 3pm slump, look better – more body tone, better muscle definition, drop a dress size – then job well done to us all!

Watch this space for the end result!

Next up: What are macros and how do you know what you need?

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