Times are changing – Are you keeping up?!

By 22 January 2017Life, Technology

This whole .com revolution got me thinking “time to get with the program — or get left behind”.

As a 50 year old I wasn’t born with a tablet in hand …not like our generation Y’s who amaze me with their tech savvy – not to mention your average 2 y.o – they too can put me to shame. I think it’s a lack of fear, try something, see what happens!

Don’t get me wrong – I see the benefits and am already working at learning how to embrace this technological era – indeed even leverage it.

As a mum that was wanting to reduce my full time Nurse Manager hours to raise a family I had to accept that my employer would not be willing to pay me for the hours I was not at work – bummer!
But all was not lost – I was open to learning about other ways to earn.

My husband has always dabbled with the stock market… recent global changes took their toll on our portfolio, as they likely did yours – we all wait for signs of recovery!

During the past couple of years however and many conversations lamenting these tough times, I became aware that there were many alternatives to earning an income and so many of them take advantage of this whole internet .com thing.

Fact: globalisation and technological advancement has turned this vast world into more of a village that is open for business 24/7 365 days a year.
Face time, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (and that’s just for starters!!) – so many mediums to connect people socially or for business.

This understanding has brought me to a time and place where I have joined forces with others to live the New Paradigm – ecommerce is where it’s at – even for those technologically challenged like me! How exciting.

With diminishing security in the traditional workspace, widespread economic downturn, there is no better time to consider all the other options out there.

Love driving — try Uber
Love providing service — join Taskmaster
Love showcasing your own backyard — try Air BnB

All these new ways to build an income online can be fantastic if done well. The downside though is you still only get paid on your own efforts.

But me, I’ve chosen another route. A modern day, ecommerce business platform, that offers me flexibility to earn as I go and help others do the same. This business model capitalises on growing market trends, technology and people; all equally essential in this industry. And the beautiful thing with this kind of opportunity is the reality of leverage! Build like-minded teams 24/7 and earn every minute of every day.

Who wouldn’t like to earn more from the comfort of their home/beach/favourite space using their laptop or smart phone?

Learn how!

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